WARNING: Do not read this on an empty stomach!

Hope everyone’s Christmas holiday weekend was grand! As for this here blogger, I feel fortunate to have had quite a lovely one as well as experiences to celebrate and be grateful for over the past year, and am looking forward to the New Year ahead!

I was recently Skyping with some relatives and media contacts in Beirut, and was just so happy to hear their voices and feel as if they weren’t that far away or in a different time zone (i.e., seven hours ahead). And just a few days later, I came across this article/restaurant review–and made the mistake of reading it in a state of hunger. Recalling some of the amazing meals I’d had in Beirut some months ago (Not necessarily at these restaurants, plus homecookin’ is always better ;-)), I couldn’t help but crave the “mezze” delicacies! I have yet to dine at Ilili, which is here in NYC; however, it’s one of my resolutions for 2010 and I know just what I’m gonna order: Kibbeh Naya, which is basically the Lebanese version of steak tartare. Can’t wait!

“Til then, enjoy what’s left of 2009 and hope your 2010’s filled with all things delicious–food and otherwise 🙂

Tabouli wishes and fattouche dreams,


(Photo courtesy of http://www.nytimes.com/)


2 Responses to “WARNING: Do not read this on an empty stomach!”

  1. Mark Logan Says:

    Well, come to ILILI! I’m a server there and I would love to watch your face as you enjoy our wonderful cuisine!

    • joyceartinian Says:

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks and I’ll try to swing by for lunch tomorrow! Incidentally, how did you discover my blog?



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